Chapter “A Year and a Day”

A Year and a Day

Click here Jazz Fan

Click here Jazz Fan

Yeah, it’s been that long since I posted. Funny (by funny I mean sad) that no one, including me, noticed. C’est la vie. Gone all this time you’d think I’d have a lot to say, but I’m going to keep this one short.

The news, for now, is that there’s a new Jazz story out, episode 14. Actually it’s been out for a while; it’s one I’m pretty happy with, Jazz, Monster Collector in: Down with the Clowns. Jazz has reached the last stop on her runaway rampage of revenge. Jazz and her trusty sidekick, DJ, ride straight into the heart of Clowntown with the intentions of taking out her last enemy just before the magic stone in her belly kills her. But hey, we don’t always get what we want, especially our favorite monster collector. Check it out for free by clicking the image or clicking Jazz ep_15. I hope you dig it.

So where have I been? In a funk mostly. And not the cool, get you dancing the rabid dingo, Bootise Collins kind of funk, just the creative slump kind of funk. But I have been busy rewriting, then editing, my first novel with the intention of publishing it through Tricorner. It will arrive at the editor’s this week, and needs artwork and formatting, but I’m hoping to have both the paper and the ebook versions out by the holiday season. I’m very excited about getting Strange Craft out for its fifteenth anniversary.

Jazz, season one, has been done for a while now. I fully intend to have the next story, Broken, out next week, but no promises. I will promise not to make you wait as long as last time, and no, my fingers aren’t crossed…much.

See you soon…ish,